Now is the time to put positive visions into practice

Situated centrally at Alexanderplatz, Haus der Materialisierung (HdM) is a hub for sustainable resource utilization. We develop material cycles for scrap and used materials, food, ideas, and objects and spread them from here. We provide the space and the possibility to share experiences through direct interaction with the neighborhood via wood, textile, metal, goldsmith, upcycling and bicycle workshops, courses, rental- and repair-initiatives, social and educational work, urban gardening and exhibitions, and more. HdM is a place to explore a sustainable and resource-efficient way of living, to tackle necessary social changes all together.

Serving as a starting point for material research, for artistic processes, and for the search for a more socially and ecologically just organization of society, we strive to bring together people working in different ways towards a better future. Our purpose is to create an economy based on solidarity, ecology and democracy. We do not focus on money, capital or growth, but rather on people, nature and the protection of resources as the decisive factors for social action. The only sustainable economy is one that does not operate at the expense of others. For us, prosperity means intact ecosystems, social cohesion and real democracy.


  • Dienstag 15-19 Uhr
  • Mittwoch 16-20 Uhr
  • Donnerstag 15-19 Uhr

Financial supporters

We would like to thank the following partners for their financial support:


The establishment of the HdM is scientifically accompanied by a three-year DBU-funded research project Reallabor Zirkuläres Wirtschaften im städten Kontext: Umweltkommunikation im Haus der Materialisierung (reference 35122/01). The aim of the research is to provide knowledge documentation and transfer, competence building and educational measures to support a centre for circular economy. The project is supported by the TU-Berlin, Circular Berlin, Material Mafia and ZKB, and supports the entire HdM.


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